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April 2024

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Letter from the President

Letter from the President

The Future is Bright

Unwrapping the Future of C/F Data Systems

I have looked into the future and it is bright. 


Recently I attended an industry trade conference in Phoenix where we showcased some of the highlights of STRUCTURECloud 2 and the feedback from several customers in attendance was very positive.

STRUCTURECloud 2 is our modern and fully web-based version of STRUCTURE still under development. With all the same functionality of our current version of STRUCTURE, it will be cleaner, faster, and easier to use, and can be accessed from any device using a web browser.

We are still early on in the process but we are excited about the progress we've made.

STRUCTURECloud 2 Executive Center Dashboard

STRUCTURECloud 2 Customer Center Dashboard

One of the best parts of STRUCTURECloud 2 will be data accessibility. 


We anticipate creating many more dashboard and reporting options allowing for much better access to your data and significant improvements in the quality and professionalism of the reports produced in STRUCTURE.

STRUCTURECloud 2 Accounts Receivable Dashboard

Stay tuned for more!

Eric Goldstein

Eric Goldstein

C/F Data Systems

Office News

News from the Office

Connecting with Support

Screen Connect

Security Concerns Addressed

Last month, we contacted all of our customers to announce we would no longer be using Screen Connect as a way to interact online with our customers due to security concerns and issues with the platform.

However, we are pleased to announce that we were able to work with the folks at Screen Connect and they made the necessary corrections to their platform that we requested, and we will once again be using Screen Connect as our preferred way to connect online with you.

From our support website you can simply click on Screen Connect to start a session. Though the new platform may look slightly different, it will function the way it has in the past.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through the "behind the scenes" changes.


Be sure to close down STRUCTURE and log out when you're done for the day.

We now offer the Abobe Acrobat plugin for the Google Chrome browser.

Marilyn Kelland Reflections

Celebrating 30 Years with C/F Data Systems

As I reflect on the last 37 years of my career (7 years with an electrical contractor, and 30 here at C/F Data) I am reminded of the many changes that STRUCTURE has gone through.

First of all, we didn’t call it STRUCTURE back when I started using the C/F Data software. It was just called CF.

Here is a picture of the computer I used. A TI -990 microcomputer. 


I had forgotten about the orange keys and how the 'F' keys are prominent at the top of the keyboard.


I used the Accounts Payable module to start.


I entered around 1100 vouchers in a good month.

I memorized how many 'Enters' I needed to get through the VVE screen, and how many 'F12’s' to get me back to where I started.


The large dot matrix printer was in a closet in the other room. It could be loud (and slow).

I remember giving the controller a check register to look at, and he started to rip off the sides of the report. I was like, "Whoa what are you doing? I need those so I can put my report in a binder!!"  We had different color binders based on what we were doing.  


I wasn’t allowed in General Ledger or Payroll, which was okay with me, since I couldn’t get blamed for anything over there.


We also started using the Purchase Order module around 1988. Everything had to be entered on a PO. Which was great, but not everyone had one of these fancy computers so the PM’s would hand write the PO and I would enter in to CF. 


If I had a PO with 5 invoices to post against it, I had to update after each invoice. This was very time consuming. (I eventually managed to get that changed!)


One of my first duties was to figure out why so many invoices hadn’t been paid. There were no ‘Voucher Memos’ back in the day to tell me why someone didn’t pay or put on hold.  


I would have the vendors mail copies of the invoices so I could investigate. Then when the fax machine and email options came along, I was expected to process even quicker.

During my seven years at this electrical contractor, if I had any questions on how to do something in CF I was always met with a friendly voice, except the time Pat “yelled” at me for not saving my PRU reports. Our system crashed and I didn’t have the paperwork to re-enter some invoices. I kept all my PRU’s in a different color binder from then on.


I eventually took on doing the AIA billing. But for some reason CF only printed the G703, and I had to put a G702 form in the typewriter and enter my figures there. Do you think I could put the correct figures in? Finally, I was entering a new job one day and the screen asked if I wanted a G702. Joe said, “Marilyn, I usually say no.”  Well, how about we say yes to that? Woohoo, no more need for the typewriter!

When I left there, my sister came in.  I told her, "Don’t ask Joe if the software can do something. Call CF. You’d be surprised at all the things it does that we don’t know about."

Next quarter, I’ll talk about the evolution of CF to STRUCTURE to STRUCTURE CLOUD. My last 30 years at CF.

Marilyn Kelland

Vice President, C/F Data Systems

Upcoming Holidays

The C/F Data Systems offices will be closed on:

  • Monday, May 27th - Memorial Day


              The Support Team will not be available on this day.

Uncommonly Used PROCs


A PROC that is not commonly used is CCA - Compare Control Answers.


This program allows you to compare control file questions between two companies.


You can select a company to compare to the current company you are in. The screen also allows you to narrow down which modules you would like to see control file answers for, or choose to only see the control file questions that are answered differently.


This PROC is a fabulous way to make sure the companies you would like to correspond are doing just that!

To learn about this and more uncommonly used PROCs, join Courtnie for her free webinar on May 6th. Register now!
Setting Up Security


Although one of the most important tasks in STRUCTURE is setting up security, it is a process that is often misunderstood, overlooked or - let’s face it - just plain ignored.

I am not going to sugar coat it. Yes, it can certainly be a brain teaser, but making sure users have access to programs and information they need, while also ensuring they are restricted from having access to information they shouldn't is important to the health of your business operation.
Questions to consider:

  • ”How do I know each PROC's specific function in order to decide whether to block a user or give a user access?”


  • “What if a user cannot access a PROC but needs to work with that program or module?”


  • “What if multiple users, such as a group of project managers, need the same security set up?”

  • "Are there ways to allow a user to view information without making changes?"

It is not as complicated as it sounds once you understand the various programs and their features.
Please join my online webinar “What you NEED to know about STRUCTURE Security with Marjorie” scheduled for Thursday, April 25th.
We will walk through the programs that deal with security and user restrictions, discuss set-up recommendations, and utilize the “copy user” feature.


Want to keep someone from accessing a whole company? We will discuss Company Visibility for those that have multiple companies set up in STRUCTURE. 


Lastly, we will review additional security programs that are specific to certain applications and discuss their various features. (Work Orders (WOS), Quotes & Proposals (QPS), and Project Management (PJM). 


Register now!

Purchase Orders Tricks

I’ve created a PO for a subcontractor and now I need to revise the amount. Where do I need to go to make this change? Why?

PCE, and then run PCU to update. This will update the subcontract in VSM with the revision. Changes made to the PO in POE will not update the subcontract in VSM.

I created a PO for stock but it’s supposed to be for a job. How can I fix this?

Check POI to make sure invoices have not been received against this PO yet. As long as invoices have not been received, you can delete the PO and re-enter it as a job PO. You will be able to manually enter the PO# in POE so you can re-use the number that was deleted. This time enter it as a job PO. If invoices were received against the PO, you will need to credit them out in PRE. Run PRU/VRU to update. Then you can delete and re-enter the PO as a job PO in POE. Then re-enter the invoices in PRE.

Please contact support if you need assistance with this.

Copying Data into a Learning Company

How to Create a Copy of Your Live Data and Create a Safe Sandbox Environment

When is it a good time to copy my live company data to my learning company?

First, check to see if you have a learning company.  If not, adding one is a good first step.  By setting up a Learning Company, you and your employees will have a safe place to test processes in STRUCTURE without the worry of making an unwanted change to your live company data.  By keeping your Learning Company data up to date, you will get realistic results.


How Often should I copy my data?

We suggest once a year or as often as you like.


How do I copy my live data to my Learning Company? 

You can set up an appointment with one of our support representatives.  Typically, it does not take long but we recommend setting aside a half an hour. 


Should all my users be logged out of Structure?

That is our recommendation.

Is there anything I need to do after the copy is complete?

In MCC (Maintain Company Colors), we suggest changing the company colors to the black bar with red font.  This is a visual flag to all users, including CF Data Support staff.

Go to control file question ACQ/#50 and change the company name to The Learning Company.  This will be the company name that prints on all reports generated from the Learning Company.  

Support Tips


Spring Webinars hosted by C/F Data Support

Register today for our Spring Support webinar series!

Each session is free of charge, and will help you get the most out of STRUCTURE.

April 9th:
Use BRAINS to Update the Executive Center and Send Weekly Reports

Join Erin for a review of how to have your Executive Center refreshed every morning before you arrive to work.

Have weekly job cost meetings with your team and send them all the reports you will be discussing ahead of time automatically.

April 30th:
Migrating Your JOR, JWW, and JJR reports to JMG/JRX

In an effort to clean up the number of programs that need to be maintained, we will be discontinuing some PROCs that have become obsolete. We are starting with some job cost reports. Let Jena help you navigate the migration of your reports to JMG/JRX, two powerful report generators.

April 17th: Subcontractors:  
What does it mean to “Have Subcontractors” in STRUCTURE?

Marilyn will review what it means to be a “Subcontractor” in STRUCTURE.  Do you have to set up anything special?

What reports and information can I track?

May 6th:
Uncommon PROCs

Courtnie will take you down the path to some new or not so new PROCs that are not getting the attention they deserve.

April 25th: Importance of STRUCTURE Security

Controllers/System Admins: This class is for you. When was the last time, or have you ever, reviewed your STRUCTURE security settings?  Marjorie will take you through everything you need to know to set up your system to fit your security needs.

May 23rd:
How to Clean Up Your AR Aging

Do you have an ugly Accounts Receivable aging?  Do you have pennies hanging out there? Positive and negative entries that offset each other? 

Want to add your logo or other information to the report, so it looks great when you send it to the bank?

Janice is here to help.  She will go through the various solutions for you to clean up you’re A/R aging. (Short of paying off some of those bills for you.)

We are also considering adding sessions on May 14th and May 29th.

Do you have any suggestions for what the topic should be?

Email Marilyn at if you have a suggestion for the next topic!

Support Contact Information

Phone: 800.370.4357 | 781.337.7200 | Email:

The phone lines are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday (ET). Email support is available Monday through Friday 8:30am to 7:00pm.

Support may be unavailable Monday (9:00am-9:30am) and Thursday (8:45am-9:45am) for staff meetings.

Trade Shows

Trade Show News

Fuse on Fire

Eric and Vic Attend the 2024 Fuse Alliance Annual User Conference

The C/F Data Systems sales team was honored to attend Fuse on Fire in March in Phoenix, AZ, and used the opportunity to give an exclusive first look at STRUCTURECloud 2, the modern web-based version of STRUCTURE currently under development.

Feedback was positive, and and it looks like we added some fire to Fuse on Fire!

Starnet 2024 Annual Membership Meeting

Amelia Island, FL | May 16-19

The whole team is very much looking forward to attending the 2024 Starnet Annual Membership Meeting on Amelia Island.

We will have several members of our sales team, as well as several members of our support team on hand to answer all your questions.

Be sure to stop by our booth and say hello!

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