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Letter from the President

Letter from the President
User Group 2022

Finally.  C/F Data and the world are ready to get together again.  The 2022 STRUCTURE User Conference will be held on October 19 & 20 at the Four Points Sheraton in Norwood, Massachusetts.  We are very excited for the opportunity to see all of you again in person!


The format of this User Conference will focus on ways for you to maximize your investment in STRUCTURE.  We will highlight ways to improve efficiency, enhance workflows, and help to make your company more successful and profitable. 

Topics Covered

STRUCTURECloud 2.0 will be discussed and we will share some actual customer success stories.

We will teach you ways to improve your job cost tracking and reporting.

You will learn how to use BRAINS to automate processes and save time.

Learn how to generate more professional forms and reports using the Report Template Configurator (RTC).

Come & Join Us

The day will be a great learning experience for your system administrator as well as ALL of your users.  Plan on having an enjoyable lunch with other users in your industry and, of course, our now famous cocktail hour chock full of fun and prizes!

What's Happening On Day 2


Day two will be offered to those who have traveled from afar as well as any local users who would like to expand their knowledge base.  The morning will be used to “ask the experts” and learn even more about STRUCTURE.  We also plan to incorporate a fun surprise for the afternoon.


We encourage you to have your company represented at the event and to send along as many as you think would benefit from attending.

Stay safe,

Eric Goldstein

Eric Goldstein

C/F Data Systems

News From the Office

News from the Office

Four Points Sheraton

Wednesday & Thursday

October 19-20, 2022

Norwood, MA

The 2022 User Group Conference welcomes all STRUCTURE users.


Morning session for all:

  • Learn about STRUCTURECloud 2.0.

  • Automate processes by utilizing BRAINS.

  • Create professional forms and reports using the Report Template Configurator (RTC).

  • Clean up your system by Purging.

Breakout sessions throughout the day:


  • System Administrator

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Executive Center & Project Center

  • Billing

  • Payroll


  • Document Management

  • General Ledger

  • Project Management

  • Job Cost Reporting

  • Job Tracking



Lunch is included, along with a cocktail reception after the breakout sessions.


Visit to sign up today. Only $299 per person.



Four Points Sheraton                                                               

1125 Boston-Providence Turnpike Norwood, MA

(781) 769-7900 |



News From Office 2

Welcome Carley Rauls

New Support Dispatcher


Carley is your first welcoming point of contact when calling for support.

She recently joined the STRUCTURE Support Team after moving to Massachusetts all the way from fabulous Las Vegas.  Although she is new to STRUCTURE, she is learning more every day about the program and how to best connect customers with the support they need.


In her free time, Carley enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, at the beach, and travelling.

Next time you call, be sure to say hello as we welcome her to our C/F Data family!

Be Prepared for Summer


As you get ready to enjoy some much needed summer relaxation, be sure to be prepared in the office:


  • Make sure users are cross-trained to process payroll, run reports, handle emergencies, and do a rebuild before taking time off.


  • Be sure to run full backups nightly (CF and D1) to avoid data loss in the case of a summer brownout or electrical storm.


  • Be sure there is at least one System Administrator in the office at all times as vacations are scheduled.



C/F Data Support Tips & Tricks

Support Tips & Tricks

Prevent Lock Messages By Closing Programs

If you are not actively using a program in STRUCTURE, be sure to close it.  If you are going to lunch or a meeting, be sure to close any open programs.  This will prevent other users from receiving lock messages when trying to access programs, run reports, or run updates.

When leaving for the day, be sure to close STRUCTURE completely so upgrades may be run.

Mobile Applications

If you have any mobile users that are receiving a Failed To

Authenticate message on any of the STRUCTUREMobile apps click here to see how to troubleshoot.

Financial Reports

Financial reports for any G/L periods that have not been closed yet can be run from GPF – Financial Reports.


You can print reports for future (open) and prior (closed) periods from here.


When run for closed periods, the reports can only be run for the current Fiscal Year.

You can run the Supporting Schedule, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet from GPF.

How To Run Multiple Checks for Same Vendor

There are times when a vendor may require separate checks. An example of this woud be for bids that have their own job and contract number.  To print multiple checks for the same vendor on the same run, the job number must be included in Field 2 of VVE.

Option 1

How To Run Multiple Checks for Same Vendor

  • Selected your vouchers in VSV

  • Run VCR by Job# and Pay Code

This example is for one vendor with multiple invoices selected in VSV on more than one job

The VCR report shows that three checks will print. One check for invoices not posted to jobs, and two separate checks, one for each of the two jobs.

Option 2

How To Run Multiple Checks for Same Vendor

  • Run VCR by Job # and Thru Due Date.  It can be run for all or only selected jobs, and then run for all or only selected vendors for each job


This example shows two jobs that have open invoices with two vendors each.  The result is that four checks will print, one per vendor per job.

Support Contact Information

Phone: 800.370.4357 | Fax: 781.337.9991 | Email:

The phone lines are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday (ET). Email support is available Monday through Friday 8:30am to 7:00pm.

Support may be unavailable Monday (9:00am-9:30am) and Thursday (8:45am-9:45am) for staff meetings.

Support Tips & Tricks 2
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