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April 2023

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Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Spring Forward

Are you missing out on key features in STRUCTURE?


Spring is a time for rebirth, a time to reflect on how to improve ourselves and

a time to find ways to improve our business processes.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts about two features available within STRUCTURE that are extremely underutilized but should be used to increase efficiency, improve job intelligence, expedite your cash flow and help to make your company run better.

For those of you who attended the user conference back in the fall you probably heard me talk about production tracking.  If you remember, at that time I polled the audience to see how many companies were using the production reporting and only one person raised their hand.

That response was unacceptable, and shame on us for not promoting this functionality better than we have.

Production Tracking

In the Job Cost module there is a section for Production Tracking. 


In Production Tracking, STRUCTURE automatically creates a production budget line for any phase or category that has a labor or subcontract budget set up in JJE.

The concept of production tracking allows for a user to track labor productivity.  Each job can track units of production.  A company could track feet of wire or pipe being installed or square yards of carpet or square feet of tile. 

By breaking a job into measurable components you can standardize from job to job and use these so called production units to even more closely manage your labor and determine your cost to complete more easily and more accurately.


If you would like some help utilizing the production tracking tools, feel free to reach out to support or to me personally, or schedule a class for your team to learn how to set up and use this capability.  You can also watch this VIDEO and make sure to fast forward to 14:40 to get right to the Production Tracking section.


The second underutilized application in STRUCTURE is the ChangeLinc mobile app. 


What does the ChangeLinc mobile app do?
  • It allows a field supervisor or foreman to initiate an extra work order in the field on an iPad or smart phone. 

  • It allows the user to enter a description of work, and list out any labor or materials necessary to describe the extra work. 

  • It allows the user to:

    • Capture a signature from the GC rep on the device.

    • Email the request utilizing Docusign to have the slips signed electronically by the GC at their convenience. (Requires a Docusign account.)

  • It allows for:

    • Job-specific disclaimers

    • Customizable job stamp information

    • Change requests designed to work specifically for each GC’s legal and signing requirements.

ChangeLinc customers have documented significant improvements to the timeliness of their cash flow, because the completed Change Request is instantly created in JRE within STRUCTURE and allows it to be priced and emailed as soon as it is completed. 


Other users have commended ChangeLinc by guaranteeing that ALL extra work orders are accounted for.  No lost or misplaced slips.  EVERY single one that is created on the device ultimately ends up in STRUCTURE. 


To learn more about ChangeLinc you can watch a demo HERE or feel free to reach out to me at 781-974-1541.

Enjoy the Spring,

Eric Goldstein

Eric Goldstein

C/F Data Systems

Suppor Webinars

Support Webinars

Wednesday Brunch Discussions

Hosted by the C/F Data Support Team 

The Support team is hosting a series of free webinar discussions covering a variety of topics that will enhance your use of STRUCTURE and it's features.

These start at 12:30pm EST, and run for 30 minutes.

Be sure to register and join us live!

The webinars will be recorded, and available to view anytime on the Support website.

Upcoming Webinars

Purchase Order Reports & Inquiries
                   APRIL  5 with Erin
Accounts Receivable Inquiries & Reports
                  APRIL 19 with Janice
General Ledger Reporting

                     MAY  3  with Barbara


Navigating the Support Website      

                         MAY 17 with Marjorie


Accounts Receivable Common Questions    

                         MAY 31 with Jena

Past Webinars 
On Demand

Purging with Marilyn



Change Orders with Donna



Payroll Burden with Jena

Strcure Coud


        Some Helpful Tips to Ensure the Best Experience

Every day, more of our STRUCTURE customers make the switch over to our cloud-based offering, STRUCTURECloud and we hear so many good things about how the experience makes doing business a lot easier. Working remotely from any device anywhere gives workers flexibility. Having data stored in the cloud keeps it safe from power outages or physical server problems, and also frees you from the burden of even having to own or maintain a server.

If you're a new cloud-based user, or have used it since its launch, there are a few helpful tips and best practices you should review to make sure you and your company are working in the safest and most productive ways.


  • Change your password from the one we initially issued.

  • Write it down after you change it.

  • Change your password frequently.

  • Cloud passwords expire after 180 days.

Signing Out

  • Sign out of the STRUCTURECloud virtual desktop properly to ensure you don't lose saved work or leave programs running in the background.

  • You can log out by clicking the 'log off' icon in the desktop.

  • Don't exit by clicking the 'X' on the browser.

  • Do not save your password in the browser or on the device.

  • Be sure to sign out before closing STRUCTURECloud.

Shared/Public Devices


When printing reports or documents in STRUCTURECloud, be sure you can physically access the printer you select.

  • For instance, you do not want to print a payroll report to a printer in your office that others may access while you are working remotely.

  • Make sure you have TSPrint installed for best printing experience.

Web Browsing

  • Web browsing is limited in STRUCTURECloud for security reasons.

  • It is recommended that personal web browsing be done outside of the virtual environment.

Not Using Cloud?

  • If you'd like to learn more about STRUCTURECloud, have questions, or want to learn more contact the C/F Data Systems Support Team today.

Upcoming Holidays

The C/F Data Systems offices will be closed on Monday, May 29th to observe Memorial Day.

Support will not be available.

Worried About Server Problems?

STRUCTURECloud Could be the Answer

This month we celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of STRUCTURECloud.

Though the majority switch to STRUCTURECloud because it can be accessed remotely from any device anywhere in the world where there is a WiFi signal, there is an equally as good reason to jump in.


When using STRUCTURECloud, all of your STRUCTURE data is stored remotely on the cloud, where it is secure, protected, backed-up, and easily retrievable. 

This means if your office server crashes, dies, loses power, or if you forget to do a backup - when using STRUCTURECloud - none of your STRUCTURE data is at risk.

In fact, you don't even need to host a server in your office in order to use STRUCTURECloud.

If you're worried about data loss or data security, or if you simply wish to free yourself from the cost and burden of maintaining a server for STRUCTURE data

call C/F Data Systems Support and break free from server headaches TODAY!


Suport Tips

Support Tips

Accounts Payable

Discounts vs Retainage
on your Payable Vouchers

Do you have an issue where the subcontract is not set up in a timely manner, so what you think will be retainage held is a discount taken?


Do you want to see all your open invoices and how they are set up?


Vendor Voucher Aging (VAA) is a report generator.

Set up a report using VAA to show the Invoice Amount, Discount Due, and the Retainage Amt. (You can add the job # or run by job, or you can subtotal by job.)


When running the report, run for All Vendors. Print the report using Detail.

Spring Cleaning

Now is a good time to think about purging and cleaning up Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.


Before purging any data, we recommend having us create an Archive Company for you, which only costs $250 and includes 1 hour of Purge Prep. It is an exact copy of your company.


Once the Archive Company is created, we set security, change the company colors, and limit access to it. Then, you can start the purge procedures.


Purging should be done when there are no other users on the system. Check out our Purging How-To: 

Did You Know?

You can set up your schedule of values to include tax?

The job in Job Maintenance (JJE) must have a 'Y' in Field #24 Sales Tax.


In AIA/Schedule of Values (JFE) there is a Tax Code field where you can tell the system whether a particular line on your schedule of values is a tax line, includes tax, or needs tax calculated on it.

Valid codes are 'T', 'I', and 'A': 


T = The line is Sales Tax.

It will print on the Requisition, and will update to Accounts Receivable as Tax.

(Tax will not be added to the G702.)

I = Tax is included in the Work in Place.

It will print on the Requisition, will update to Accounts Receivable as Tax.

(Tax will not be added to the G702.)

A = Tax is not included in the Work in Place.

It will calculate and add to the Requisition, and will update to Accounts Receivable as Tax.

(Tax will not be added to the G702.)

Adding New Users

All new users should be given their own STRUCTURE User ID.


STRUCTURE Administrators can set up the new user in User Maintenance (UMT).

When security is set up for them in SEC, there is an option to copy security from an existing user to a new user. This will allow you to copy the same security from the user they may be replacing.

Setting Up Security:

Adding a New User:

More Info:


When logging out of STRUCTURE for the day, be sure to click the red 'X' in the upper right corner of STRUCTURE to close it, or click on the Exit button in the upper left corner.


This will properly log you out of STRUCTURE.

Support Contact Information

Phone: 800.370.4357 | Fax: 781.337.9991 | Email:

The phone lines are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday (ET). Email support is available Monday through Friday 8:30am to 7:00pm.

Support may be unavailable Monday (9:00am-9:30am) and Thursday (8:45am-9:45am) for staff meetings.

Trade Shows

Trade Show News

Fuse Alliance Unleashed

Memphis, TN

Vic, Marilyn, Jena and Erin had a great time meeting new folks in the commercial flooring industry, as well as greeting many of our customers, friends and users.


Once again, the folks at Fuse put on an incredible event, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Jeff Grimsley of Signature Commercial Floor Covering based in Orange, CA hanging out with the C/F Data Systems crew.

StarNet Membership Meeting

Scottsdale, AZ

The team is looking forward to seeing everyone at the StarNet 2023 Membership Meeting

May 18 to 21.

If you're planning attend, be sure to stop by

our booth and say hello to Vic, Jena, Marilyn, and Erin!

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