April 2022

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Letter from the President

Knowledge is power!


I want to bring to your attention an obvious trend that I’ve noticed taking place. One of the disadvantages to owning and using a software program for many years, as is the case with many of our customers, is the systematic brain drain. Lots of our clients are going through personnel changes, either with management, operations, accounting people, or any combination thereof. More people are opting for an early retirement or looking to greener pastures.


The challenge is that in many cases, the replacements for those people have not gone through any formal education or training for the parts of STRUCTURE that they are supposed to be mastering.


Yes, STRUCTURE is user friendly and should be easy to pick-up on your own, but some of the nuances might be missed and underutilization might lead to inefficiencies and perhaps loss of time.


We Offer Your Employees the Training They Need

C/F Data offers various solutions to help bridge the gap and get your new team the assistance they need to better understand the tool that your company invested in.


On our support website we have many How-To Videos and Academy Webinar Videos. In addition, you can schedule a time for one of our trainers to do one or more classes for you, either on-line or in your office or ours.


We’ll Help Make Sure You’re Getting the Most Out of STRUCTURE

Do you just have a long list of questions? Schedule a one hour session with one or more of our seasoned consultants. During these question and answer sessions the consultants learn a lot by what is being asked. They will then in turn ask you a number of questions to help understand your needs better. This has worked out well with a number of customers to root out problem areas that you may not even have realized need attention.


Any and all of these options are sure to help your business improve your system utilization and maximize your return on investment.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss a plan for your company, feel free to reach out to me at eric@cfdatasystems.com.

Eric Goldstein

Eric Goldstein

C/F Data Systems

News From the Office


Where You Can Find STRUCTURE Team Members


Fuse Alliance

Vic, Jena and Erin were happy to meet with some old and new customers after being away from conferences for the last 2 years at the Fuse Alliance conference in Dallas, TX. This was Jena and Erin’s first and hopefully not the last time at Fuse. A big shout out to those who stopped by the booth to say “Hello” to them. Those who stopped by received a ‘Key’ to some STRUCTURE knowledge.


We were sad to hear Garry from Continental will be retiring soon. We wish you all the best.



Marilyn, Vic, Jena and Erin will be headed to Colorado Springs in May for the annual Starnet meeting. At the moment we are trying to get a room so we can all meet on Friday morning before the trade show. We would like to show you some new features, and get any feedback from you. You too will get a ‘Key’ to some STRUCTURE knowledge.


ASM Golf Tournament

Marilyn, Vic, Kenny, and Bob will be at the ASM Golf Tournament in July at Pine Hills in Plymouth, MA. We hope to see some of you there as well.

Congratulations to Courtnie!


Jack Arthur Cole was born at 4:04pm on March 30, 2022 weighing 8lbs 8oz and measuring 21 inches long. We are happy to know that everything went well and baby and mom are in good health. Congratulations Courtnie and AJ!

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Upcoming Holidays


Our offices, including support, will be closed on the days listed below in observance of the holidays.


Memorial Day

Monday, May 30th


Independence Day

Monday, July 4th

C/F Data Support Tips & Tricks


Spring Cleaning

Now is a good time to think about purging and cleaning up Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.


Before purging any data, we recommend having us create an Archive Company for you. An Archive Company costs $250 and includes 1 hour of Purge Prep. An Archive Company is an exact copy of your company. Once the Archive Company is created, we set security, change the company colors, and limit access to it.


Once your Archive Company has been created, you can start the purge procedures. Purging should be done when there are no other users on the system. Click here for the Purging How To.


Have You Printed Bills and Then Can’t Find Them in History (AHI/JJI)?

First, check ASE. Maybe you said [No] to the second update questions. Before adding another bill, check there first. If it is in ASE, run ASU to finish the update. If the transaction is not in ASE, please call Support.


Message in JBU


This means when setting up your Schedule of Values in JFE, the G702 screen never came up.


Go back to JFE - AIA/Schedule of Values.

  • Do not enter the job#.

  • Select [Add/Chg AIA].

  • Enter the job #.

  • When your cursor is in Field 2, click [Exit] or <F12>.

  • A screen displaying information for the G702 will come up.

  • Add any information, or simply click [OK] or press <Enter>.

  • [Exit] back to the menu.


STRUCTURE Payroll Upgrade


Latest upgrade version is 18.04.11. If you are using STRUCTURE for your Payroll, you should have done the upgrade prior to running your Quarterly reports. The 941 has been updated to reflect “2022”


If you are not getting notifications, please contact Support.

Can’t Get the PO’s Written in Detail Prior to Receiving the Invoice?

Check out PME – Manual Purchase Order Entry.


This will benefit those of you wanting the detail from your PO in Job Cost or want to update your inventory quantities. Enter the detail right from your invoice in PME.


Have Open PO Amounts When You Know You Have Been Invoiced?

For those of you that are using the Purchase Order application, it is important that vendor invoices received for anything ordered on a PO get received in PRE – Invoice Receipt Entry. Run PRU – Receipts Report and Update. This will update the invoice to VVE – Voucher/Invoice Entry and then you will run VRU – Voucher Report and Update to finish the update.


Purchase Order Invoices must be entered in PRE in order to receive the lines on the PO. Once all of the lines on the PO have been received in full in PRE, the system will close the PO when the PRU is run.


If PRE is not being used to enter the PO invoices, the PO’s are never going to show any items were received and will never get closed.


PO’s can be received in Detail or Summary. If received in Detail, you will see the description of each line received in Job Cost along with the quantity and cost. If received in Summary, you will see one line for the amount of the invoice in Job Cost.

JFV – Voiding and Reissuing an AIA Bill


Did you know that we have an automated process for voiding and rebilling updated AIA invoices? 


JFV is in the Contract Billing Menu and can be used to Void or Void and Rebill an AIA with new amounts.


If you see a message on the top right that says “Not Editable” that means that the invoice has been changed in some way from its original form (usually having a payment against it or retainage released) and you would then need to void it manually through JFE.


After your entry is updated there is additional cleanup that needs to be done.  You can zero out the positive and negative retainage amounts in ARE/ARR and then use APC to apply the gross original invoice to the credit from JFV so they do not print on your open Aging.


Give us a call if you would like a walk through for the first time or we have a Video of this process that has more detail here.


Postings to the 9999-999 in General Ledger


There should be no surprise when closing a month that figures are in the 9999-999 account.


When updating anything to general ledger you get a G/L Distribution Report.


Please look at it before closing it from VIEW. The last page will indicate if there were invalid G/L accounts.


If you do not close your months on a timely basis, and are not looking at your Distribution reports, you could have quite the task cleaning up the 9999-999 account.


Better to be on top of an issue as it happens.


Why does it happen?

  • Did you change General Ledger account numbers?

  • Did you update all places that hold defaults?

  • Do you have rounding differences in Payroll? Add your Direct Labor GL# to HMQ/PRL/6045.


On the website you will find a “General Ledger Default Checklist” in the How To section.


Easiest thing to do is to look at your reports before closing them.

Support Contact Information

Phone: 800.370.4357 | Fax: 781.337.9991 | Email: support@cfdatasystems.com

The phone lines are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday (ET). Email support is available Monday through Friday 8:30am to 7:00pm.

Support may be unavailable Monday (9:00am-9:30am) and Thursday (8:45am-9:45am) for staff meetings.

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Have You Signed Up Yet?!


If you have not done so already, be sure to sign up for our Customer Support website. It is easy to enroll and there is even a How To for it! Get it here.


As a member, you will gain full access to all our How To’s, Academy Webinars, class workbooks and video How To’s. You will find answers and guidance on questions such as:



So much to see and do – be sure not to miss out!

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